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Our passion is designing well crafted websites for your Drupal solution

The value of good web design is in making a website not only look good but also designing it in such a way that makes it inviting to use, easy to navigate and clear in its' purpose. We love to create designs that get to the heart of the your brand and make you shine.

We design Drupal websites based on your precise brief and user requirements. Your website needs to be responsive and scale to fit any device, be that mobiles, tablets or desktop screens.Every project is different and we ensure the site doesn’t just look good but it works for the end user too.

Our design process involves closely working with you to discover your goals for the site, what your users want from the site and how best to achieve both these aims. We’ve produced Drupal sites for small businesses through to enterprise level clients. Providing them with designs that speak to you the client and your customers.

View our case study on the design and development of a brand and website for Emergency Personnel, a recruitment agency based in central London.

The Design Process

You’ll be consulted at every stage of the process to gather feedback and make sure your ideas have been interpreted correctly and goals met. It's a collaborative process and one you should feel you have participated in.   

If you're a small to medium sized business we can provide advice every step of the way, whether this be technical or legislatory, to make sure your site meets all the necessary regulations.


A persona is a way to summarize a small number of important customers/visitors to your website and help pin point your objectives and goals for delivering content to those people. Each persona represents a significant portion of people in the real world and enables us to focus on their needs and wants (in relation to your website) instead of focusing on thousands of individuals.

Personas help us create different designs for different kinds of people and to design for a specific ‘somebody’ rather than a generic ‘everybody’.

Typically 2-3 personas are used but the number may vary from case to case.


Wireframe Design

A wireframe is a black and white line drawing of the proposed layout. Wireframe drawings are devoid of colour, font choices, logos or any real design elements that take away from purely focusing on a site’s structure.

The wireframe helps to prioritise the content on the page to make sure the end user can discover exactly what they are looking for as quickly and easily as possible.

During this part of the process we organise the flow of content on the page in order to carefully position important information and guide the customer to an end goal, be that registering on the site, signing up to a newsletter or navigating to specific content.

We will gather your feedback as making changes at this stage can save a lot of time further down the line and makes the next stage, concept design, more fully informed.

Wireframe Design

Concept Design

At this stage we have gathered all the key information we need and have a set site structure and layout proposed. We take this layout and start to add colours, logos, fonts, images and flesh out our ideas. Any brand guidelines will be incorporated into the design and followed to make sure the brand identity remains intact.

The use of colour, font size and spacing is crucial for legibility and to help the end user have a clear path to their end goal. We can source imagery or to really stand out from your competition we can photograph your business or products. Imagery helps to set the tone of a site and adds a great deal to the visual character of the design.

Feedback during this phase of the project is used to make sure all goals are met and no objectives have been missed before completing the design process.

Concept design

Final design

The last stage of the design process allows us to refine and polish the final design. Any minor amends or changes can be incorporated and given the correct look and feel.

Colour balance and tones can be concluded to make sure type and blocks of colour sit together in harmony. Imagery is refined and content prioritisation finalised. We design your site so it’s effective across all devices so no matter if you are viewing the site on a mobile, tablet or desktop machine, your website will respond and look great!

The final design will be turned into a theme for your Drupal 8 CMS, giving you a bespoke website which will be the envy of your competitors. View some of our work.

Responsive design

Build and deployment

Once the design is signed off we can begin the build of the site and theme. We thoroughly test the site and design across all devices, making sure the site looks great and work well no matter whether you're on a mobile or desktop machine. 

We then deploy the site using our favourite version control system GIT. This system allows us to keep track of changes, revert to a previous version if a bug is found or development is not required and also allows us to work fast. We can deploy from a development site, to staging and then live with speed and efficiency.

GIT workflow

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Bespoke design for your business

Your website needs to stand out and have it's own unique look and feel. Speak to Richard Dewick, Director of DRUPALCENTRIC, with over 20 years experience in the design industry he can help create an attractive design at a reasonable price, call 0345 224 7021