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After responding to a question on Linked In I'm a Drupal newbie, do you know of a free online course that can help me understand better how to use and manage Drupal? I thought I'd take the answers and then develop them further into this guide.

Naturally the first place to begin is Drupal's own documentation which contains loads of useful info. Beyond this you can use the
Drupal forum or Drupal Groups to find solutions or ask your own questions.

Once you've used Drupal for a spell and found Google to be your best buddy when trying to track down code tips and tricks, you might be thinking there must be a better way to learn Drupal. Well you can't beat getting your hands dirty and getting stuck into some coding by trial and error but if you're looking for a more structured method to learn Drupal I'm hoping the list below should go some way to help you.

You'll find Drupal tutorials for beginners, guides, how to Drupal theming and modules plus lots more.



Podcasts & Video Chats



All selections were chosen by me and no inducement was provided by the content authors or Amazon!

If you're looking for some of the latest news on where Drupal's at or where it's heading then check out Drupalcon Munich 2012 keynotes or Drupalcon Munich BoF.

I hope this is useful, if you have more links to add or can add your own view on one of the resources above I'd love to hear from you.

Update April 2013: check out the Drupal Association YouTube channel for videos from all the DrupalCons over the past few years.

Update October 2013: follow @Drupal8changes for all the latest updates to Drupal 8 core. Plus TalkingDrupal, a great weekly video chat about all things Drupal.

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Richard Dewick
Richard Dewick

Company director of Drupal Centric, a web design and Drupal development company, with over 20 years experience in the trade. On this blog I share my knowledge of web design, Drupal, CRM and App development, in an easy to follow and hopefully fun way.

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