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Time is money and today businesses have to be as lean and efficient as possible to keep up with, let alone stay ahead of the competition. Your management of customer data and metrics is a big part of everyday working life but it can drain resources if you are still using old fashioned methods.

Whether you're running an online or offline business you need to retain customer data and interactions. Most likely you are filing emails, keeping a spreadsheet, saving documents to folders and some of you may still be using paper filed in ring binders (you know who you are).

All these practices take time, time that could be better spent servicing these customers or on other more profitable parts of your business. This is where a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution comes in to play. Instead of a disparate array of information, spread out over a number of locations, a CRM solution can be used to consolidate all this data into one place.

So what are the basics a CRM system can do for your business:

  • Manage contacts
  • Track activity history
  • Monitor marketing activities and responses
  • Task/Event management
  • Manage sales leads

Imagine all of this in one place, with access for everyone in the office, 24 hours a day.

Sales Funnel

How would your sales process normally be handled? Marketing would generate a lead, set up a meeting, create a proposal, gather feedback, address any queries and hopefully close the sale.

All this information is vital to keeping track of leads, what was involved in the sales process, how you handled the feedback and whether they became a customer or not. A plethora of information that could be lost down the back of a filing cabinet or inbox. But not if you had one central system to rule them all.

Lean, Mean And Efficient

We've helped customers adopt a CRM solution, as well as develop bespoke solutions. We can also automate the lead generation process via your website to your external CRM solution. Make your business a lean, mean, efficient machine today with the help of a CRM solution.

Contact us today on 0345 224 7021 or via email for further information on how a CRM solution can help your business.


About the author

Richard Dewick
Richard Dewick

Company director of Drupal Centric, a web design and Drupal development company, with over 20 years experience in the trade. On this blog I share my knowledge of web design, Drupal, CRM and App development, in an easy to follow and hopefully fun way.

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