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Having wanted to rebrand for a while, but being too busy to do so, we've finally rebranded from Makak Media to Drupal Centric!

We were Makak Media for almost 12 years but wanted to refocus the business and bring a fresh look to our website and brand. We've been developing with Drupal for 10 years now and it provides the core of our work, so what better way than to use it in our new name. Drupal is trademarked by its' founder, Dries Buytaert, so once we had a licence signed off we were up and running.

Whether it's web design for your Drupal site, Drupal development, Drupal ecommerce or support for your Drupal install, we provide it all. There are many digital agencies out there that work with Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla et all but we feel this dilutes your skill set. We recommend other systems depending on the requirements e.g. a simple blog would work best on Wordpress but more often than not our clients want to incorporate the blog within their main site, making Drupal a great solution.

The new site illustrates our commitment to Drupal and really highlights the service we provide to all our clients.

The logo looks great on the new business cards with more collateral to follow soon!

Drupal Centric cards



About the author

Richard Dewick
Richard Dewick

Company director of Drupal Centric, a web design and Drupal development company, with 20 years experience in the trade. On this blog he shares his knowledge of web design, Drupal, CRM and App development, in an easy to follow and hopefully fun way.

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